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Magento Site Audit

Sometimes it's hard to know what situation your site is in, or maybe you know you have a problem but need more info. We can help.


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In the world of ecommerce, having a stable, secure site means everything. That's why we offer a comprehensive site audit to evaluate your website's current status, identify problems and risks, and provide initial recommendations. Performed by a Certified Magento Developer, this audit encompasses performance, health, best practices, and any other factors relevant to a smoothly-running Magento installation and a company's business interests.

Getting a site audit means trusted information that will make your site faster, safer, and less prone to downtime. No one wants to have their site crash on Cyber Monday or to find their customer data in the hands of hackers. We can help you ensure you're doing things well.

Every audit involves hours of research and analysis, followed by a report custom-written and tailored to your specific situation. Every site is different, and so is the report we give you.

Our audits typically cover three main areas, though we can give more or less focus to any of them as requested.


The security analysis includes a review of security patches, a complete code audit (looking at any core changes, extensions, standalone files), payment configuration, administrator accounts, and known symptoms of common Magento hacks.


The health analysis looks at your extensions, theme, database, filesystem, core edits, etc. for anything that's out of place, problematic, or contrary to best practices.


The performance analysis gives a high-level overview of your site performance and user experience, identifying any low-hanging fruit or areas that should be evaluated first.

Findings Report

ParadoxLabs Magento Site Audit example

A detailed report with findings and recommendations is delivered at the completion of the audit.

  • Every section details our findings, followed by specific recommendations on actions to take to improve your site.
  • Every recommendation is given a score for its severity and importance.
  • Every section gets a letter grade, allowing for quick and easy understanding of its current condition.

This report can be given to your in-house developers to implement, or ParadoxLabs can implement the recommendations for you for an additional fee. The audit report is delivered in 7-10 business days. Upon request, we can perform a deeper analysis of any specific topic, including performance, user experience, search engine optimization, conversion optimization, marketing effectiveness, and more.


Really impressed

Thank you for the quick turn around and detailed report.

I have to say, my team and I are really impressed with the work put in and the report! This is EXACTLY what we were looking for and more. I am going to proceed with your recommendations for the security and patch updates.

We will definitely keep you in mind for future projects!

Reviewed by Ashtin P. on January 23, 2018
Very thorough

Thanks for the very thorough audit.

Reviewed by Dan C. on February 6, 2017

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