ParadoxLabs Authorize.Net CIM extensions for Magento 1 and Magento 2 are reliable alternatives to Direct Post and are not impacted by the recently announced MD5 Hash changes.

Authorize.Net CIM for Magento 2

Authorize.Net CIM for Magento 2

The convenience of stored credit cards, with uncompromising security. Certified by Authorize.Net.

Compatible With
Magento CE 2.1, 2.2, 2.3
Magento EE 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, Cloud
Latest Version
4.1.4 (Jan 02, 2019)
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Authorize.Net is one of the world's largest payment gateways, serving over 400,000 merchants. Their services allow you to accept payment from your customers, by credit card or eCheck, straight from your website. You must have an Authorize.Net account to use this extension (account fees will vary).

This extension brings Authorize.Net's Customer Information Manager (CIM) service to Magento 2. Authorize.Net CIM takes payment processing to a whole new level, by allowing your customers to store their payment info on Authorize.Net's secure servers. This gives you and your customers the convenience of stored credit cards, with all the security of Authorize.Net. It also allows us to give you many advanced features that most payment methods aren't capable of.

This extension is for Magento 2. If you are using Magento 1, consider Authorize.Net CIM for Magento 1.x


We know what you want: A proven solution that just works, with all the features you'd expect, from a reputable company that stands behind their product.

Our payment methods are used on thousands of Magento stores, to process billions of dollars a year. We know what we're doing, and we've been doing it a long time. Payment is a fundamental part of your business, and it's a fundamental part of ours too. We'll help you make sure it never becomes a problem.

Authorize.Net CIM on Magento2 checkout


This module supports all standard payment actions. It also allows customers to save their payment info for future use. This gives returning customers the convenience of stored credit cards and rapid checkout, without breaking PCI compliance.

The first time a customer checks out, they are given a form to enter credit card details. If they choose to save the card, next time they check out they can reuse that card with a single click. Your customers can also view, add, edit, and delete any of their stored payment info through a 'Manage My Cards' interface in their account. All frontend features are also available in the Magento Admin Panel.

  • Pay by credit card or ACH (eCheck)*
  • Save credit cards (tokens) for reuse
  • Add, edit, and delete saved payment data
  • Edit orders and reorder, without having to ask the customer for CC info again
  • Authorize, Capture, or Save CC Info (without charging) at time of checkout
  • Capture funds even after the authorization expires
  • Partially invoice orders (including reauthorization on partial invoice)
  • Partially refund (online credit memo)
  • Send shipping address and line items to Authorize.Net
  • Require CCV code when adding a card, or with every purchase
  • Validate billing address with Address Verification (AVS)
  • Protect against fraud with Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS) and hold-for-review
  • Integrate your systems thanks to Magento API support
  • Use a different Authorize.Net account for each website (multi-store support)
  • Supports ParadoxLabs Adaptive Subscriptions extension

* This extension has built-in support for ACH processing. ACH is configured as its own payment method, and can be enabled or disabled at will. To process ACH payments, you must apply and be accepted by Authorize.Net. For more info, please see Authorize.Net's eCheck.Net FAQ.

Authorize.Net CIM card management


Stored payment info is good for your business and customers.

  • It simplifies checkout.
  • It encourages customer loyalty.
  • It streamlines order management and integrations.
  • It lets your staff quickly process orders and billing changes, without needing customers to repeat their credit card info.

All frontend features are available in the admin panel. This means admins can view, add, edit, and delete customers' stored cards, and place orders using them.

When editing an order, you can reuse the payment info, even for guest orders.


Authorize.Net Certified Solution

This is an Authorize.Net Certified Solution since 2013, listed in Authorize.Net's official certified solutions directory. Our payment modules are used on thousands of Magento stores, and our reviews speak for themselves.

Authorize.Net Accept.js data flow


All communication with Authorize.Net is performed with TLS encryption, and no confidential cardholder data is ever stored on your own server. A process called tokenization is used to run transactions with stored payment information. This lets your customers pay with a 'saved' card that's not on your server at all.

We also support Authorize.Net's proprietary Accept.js API. Accept.js allows credit card information to be sent straight from your customers' browsers to Authorize.Net, without touching your web server at all. Instead, Authorize.Net gives us a one-time-use token (nonce) that refers to it. Since your web server never sees the raw credit card number, this improves your website's security and reduces your PCI compliance exposure.


PCI Compliant

PCI compliance is a complex and multifaceted issue, covering every aspect of your business. We can't guarantee that your business is PCI-compliant. That depends on your server, policies, processes, regular security scans, other payment methods offered, and a lot more. What we can tell you is that this extension will not prevent you from being PCI compliant. We don't store or log confidential cardholder data, or do anything else that would bring you under scrutiny.

The exact PCI scope of this extension depends on your configuration.

  • If you enable Accept.js, using this payment method for all credit card transactions may make you eligible for PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) A-EP.
  • If you do not enable Accept.js, this payment method falls under the scope of PCI SAQ D.

For details on the SAQ types and what eligibility means, see "Self-Assessment Questionnaire Instructions and Guidelines (3.2)" (PDF, by PCI Standards Security Council).


The user manual covers:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Features and usage
  • Common questions and issues
  • Technical info

Authorize.Net CIM User Manual (pdf)


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Authorize.Net CIM on Magento Marketplace


Very Solid Extension. It works.

After fighting with the OOTB Authorize.Net extension, we decided to purchase the M2 Authorize.Net CIM Extension. The best decision we made. Worked from the beginning; Easy install/config; Just works. We deployed in Magento 2.1.7

Reviewed by Paul Hoskins on September 5, 2017
Good and fast support!

Good and fast support!

Reviewed by Nick Gruenwald on May 18, 2017
The module is just Fab :)

The module provides user with a lot of good features except the basic payment method features required.

The additional features that the module supports, i.e.
- when we void the transaction from and click 'Get payment update' button then the suspected fraud types of order gets cancelled
- when we cancel order from magento, the transaction gets voided in
are very helpful to us and automates the process.

Paradoxlabs team is very supportive.
They have always helped us in sorting out any issue / difficulty we faced during the module setup.

Reviewed by Deepika Janiyani on May 12, 2017

Great support.

Reviewed by Tim Shih on September 16, 2016
Always helpful

Paradox is always helpful and provides a solution to resolve the issue with the extension, even if they determine that the real issue is a core bug.

Reviewed by Chris Kendall on August 2, 2016
Excellent customer service

Couldn't ask for better turnaround and communication, thank you.

Reviewed by Mark Foulkrod on June 25, 2016

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