Adaptive Subscriptions for Magento 2

Adaptive Subscriptions for Magento 2

The best Magento 2 subscriptions solution, bar none. Your store is your business. Make sure you do it right.

Compatible With
Magento CE 2.1, 2.2, 2.3
Magento EE 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, Cloud
Latest Version
3.0.5 (Jan 02, 2019)
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Every business wants dependable revenue. Adaptive Subscriptions is a way to achieve that. You already have a product or service in mind: Product subscriptions. Autoshipments. Automatic recurring billing. You just need a way to make it work. That's where we come in.

Subscriptions give your customers what they want, and give you dependable revenue and brand loyalty. The best customer is one that keeps coming back. Subscriptions help you ensure that.

We've been dealing with subscriptions since the early days of Magento. This extension is the result of all of that expertise, plus years of careful development and improvements. This is a proven, highly powerful, highly flexible subscriptions solution. The best.

This is not a service. There are no ongoing costs. If you buy a license, it's yours, along with free support and free updates.

We stand by our work.


Adaptive Subscriptions cart page screenshot

Cart / Checkout

Our subscriptions are just normal products. You can buy any number of subscriptions and regular products together, with any combination of intervals.

All shipping methods are supported. Shipping costs are recalculated for every installment, guaranteeing accurate rates. If a shipping method becomes unavailable, each subscription will automatically switch to the next best option.

Every item becomes a separate subscription and can be modified and canceled separately. If a customer has multiple subscriptions on the same day, they'll be combined into a single order, saving you shipping costs and overhead.

Guests can purchase subscriptions with no hassle. They'll be auto-registered during checkout.

All standard Magento checkouts and most third-party checkout solutions are compatible.

Adaptive Subscriptions scheduling settings


Customers can choose subscription frequency from product options. Every 30 days? Every 90 days? One time only? Make it their choice. Or don't: You can also make single-interval products that are automatically subscriptions.

Subscriptions can run for a limited number of installments, or forever. You can choose whether customers are allowed to cancel.

You have complete control over when subscriptions bill. Normally all subscriptions are billed automatically by an hourly scheduled task. But you can turn that off and run subscriptions from the command line, or by manually selecting individual subscriptions to bill from the admin grid. Want to bill subscriptions when you're ready to process them? You can do that. Want to run one ahead of schedule for a customer? You can do that too.

You can also set blackout dates, days, or even whole months. Installments will only be scheduled on days allowed by configuration. You can run your subscriptions on the 1st and 15th of the month, or only on weekdays. Or skip holidays. Or your birthday (you deserve it). All it takes is a setting.

Adaptive Subscriptions payment methods


You can pay for subscriptions with any Magento Vault, ParadoxLabs, or offline payment method, including:

Adaptive Subscriptions also supports $0.00 ordering with most payment methods.

Every subscription installment creates a new order. Payment is immediately authorized or captured using the payment data on file. The payment method and card can be changed after purchase (subject to payment method support).

If a subscription fails because of invalid payment information, the customer will be emailed asking them to update their payment info and reactivate the subscription. As soon as a failed subscription is reactivated, it'll return to its normal schedule.

Adaptive Subscriptions promotion rule options


You can define custom pricing for each subscription option on a product. You can also discount the first installment or charge a setup fee, using an adjustment price.

You can give customers a discount for subscribing to a product.

You can create cart price rules and promotions based on whether the customer is buying a subscription, what interval they chose, and what installment it is!

Coupons apply to the first installment only. Any price rules or custom subscription pricing takes effect when items are added to the cart.

All prices support Magento currency conversion, and all text can be translated.

Adaptive Subscriptions customer view


Customers can manage their own subscriptions: They can view current info, change payment details and shipping address, and pause or cancel (if you let them). You can also notify the customer in advance of each installment, for each order, and for any payment errors that occur.

Admin grids let you view, search, sort, filter, and export your subscriptions, as well as reviewing every billing, error, and change that's occurred.

As an admin you can look up subscriptions by name, email, description, and order ID. Admins can change many details about a subscription, including the status, next installment date, frequency, description, length, payment account, shipping address, shipping method, and admin-only notes.

You can make any product type a subscription, including simple, virtual, configurable, downloadable, and bundle products. Some product types are subject to limitations. Please see the user manual for more info.

Adaptive Subscriptions code


Every business is special. We hope this extension does everything you need, but if not, it should be easy to get it there.

Adaptive Subscriptions was carefully designed to be as extendable as possible. Under the hood, you'll find clean code and an architecture that makes it easy to change or even totally replace large parts of the default functionality.

This extension includes full Magento API support, with comprehensive documentation and additional technical info in the user manual.


The user manual covers:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Features and usage
  • Common questions and issues
  • Technical info

Adaptive Subscriptions User Manual (pdf)


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We are experienced, certified Magento developers. All of our code is clean, well-documented, and follows all Magento standards and techniques. We make sure to do things the right way.

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Our source code is 100% unencoded (viewable source). When you purchase this extension, you get full access to view and modify it any way you need to (within the license terms).

ParadoxLabs is a proud Magento Solution Partner and member of ExtDN, the Magento Extension Developers Network.


We pride ourselves on excellent support, which includes free bug fixes and updates for the lifetime of this extension. If you find that it doesn't work as we intended in a standard installation, we'll help you make sure that it does.

Our extensions are used on thousands of stores like yours.

Our staff are all located in the United States, with an office in downtown Lancaster, PA, open weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time. Have a question, or want to try it out? Give us a call at 717-431-3330, or email us at

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This extension has been vetted and approved by Magento for the Magento Marketplace.

If you would like to install this extension via composer, you will have to purchase through Magento Marketplace. After purchase please refer to the Marketplace-specific installation instructions in the extension user manual.

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I've purchased 2 things from ParadoxLabs and both experiences were phenomenal! Very attentive and knowledgeable staff from sales to technical - and very fast delivery. Great experience - can't wait to work with you again. Thank you!

Reviewed by Nick P. on May 15, 2018
Works as advertised, fantastic support.

We try to automate as much as possible in our Magento store, and the Adaptive Subscriptions extension has been key to handling all our automation for subscriptions. We used to use a much more expensive dedicated subscription management company, but getting all our sales / billing history into Magento for each of our customers was really difficult. Now everything is in one place, and both our customers and our staff love how easy it is to manage subscriptions.

Our integration team had some questions on how to use the API endpoints for this extension, and the team at ParadoxLabs was quick, professional, and accurate with their support.

If you are looking to handle subscriptions in Magento, look no further.

Reviewed by Kimball Larsen on September 5, 2017
Good support

Quick fix to a bug in the product

Reviewed by Coyuchi Web IT Admin on July 11, 2017
Saved me many hours

Ryan and Chad were super helpful and were able to solve my issues very swiftly.

Not only did Chad help me solve the issue at hand, he also pointed me in the right direction when another extension happen to have a conflict with ParadoxLabs. It really saved me many hours of dev.

Reviewed by Noemi Quezada on February 6, 2017

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